Labayk is a new social media platform that is based upon the moral values of Islam.
Labayk does not charge its members anything for joining or posting.
Islam teaches its followers to adopt a peaceful and modest lifestyle, maintain a respectable character, show kindness to people (and animals), give charity to the poor, fulfil one’s promises, be honest, sincere and forgiving.
Labayk aims to empower Muslims around the world, by donating money to help feed the needy, treat the sick, educate the poor, clothe the destitute and house the homeless.
Labayk is open to anyone, irrespective of their religion or background. The only criteria to join is that people respect others on Labayk and refrain from posting inappropriate content.
Most social media platforms either cater for a non-Muslim audience, or they allow inappropriate content to be posted.
In addition, other platforms tend to turn a blind eye when their members continuously keep posting false comments about Islam and Muslims.
Some platforms will also sell your personal data to private firms for marketing purposes and allow live-streaming of violence and suicides. Fake news is also something that most platforms have not taken any action against.
Labayk does not agree that social media was designed for such purposes.
We believe that social media platforms should allow people to fulfil their potential, communicate with their friends and enjoy life online in a safe and non-abusive manner.
Labayk will not allow content that is inappropriate to be posted online. This includes, amongst other things, content that relates to the promotion of violence and cruelty (including against animals), drugs, alcohol, gambling, hate speech (against anyone, irrespective of their background) or anything that promotes self-harm.
Content that is explicitly sexual in nature (e.g. pornography) is also not allowed to be posted or shared on Labayk.
At Labayk, we do not believe that social media platforms should be used for harmful, inciteful or damaging purposes.
Labayk is a global platform. Our head office is based in the heart of London, United Kingdom.
We are always keen to hear from people that want to be a part of building the world’s most interesting social media platform.
Please send your covering letter and CV to careers@labayk.com.
Labayk means ‘at your service’. We felt that this name appropriately reflects our reason to start this platform; namely to serve people in an honourable and dignified manner.
We are always keen to hear from people with ideas on how we can make Labayk even better.
Please email us with suggestions.
Our email address is info@labayk.com.
Labayk was started by a group of Muslim professionals, with strong links to the world-renowned University of Cambridge, who felt that the main social media platforms didn’t really reconcile with their moral values, and as such they decided to build their own version.
Please email us with your partnership requests.
Our email address is partners@labayk.com.